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Natural pistachios: no salt, no roasting.

Pistachios are far more than just another nut to us: they’re a beautifully compact gift from nature. Pistacyl is a family project, and we’ve poured our heart and soul into making it a success.

We’re fully dedicated to our product and we’ve done everything in our power to find the very best pistachios to bring to your table. We’ve explored beyond our borders and analysed the tiniest details to come up with a product that stands out above the rest for its colour, shape, aroma and wonderful taste.


Straight from the tree to your table.

The colour and flavour of pistachios changes according to the growing techniques used. We researched cultivation techniques and carried out R&D in a quest for the best adaptation and treatment of the product in Castile and León, as well as the best flavour. The result of all our research? PISTACYL pistachios. We’ve been awarded several prizes for our product, including the Rural Business Innovation Award from the provincial government and the University of Valladolid.

We sell our pistachios in their natural form, without roasting them, salting them or adding any other ingredients. Because they don’t need it. If a product gives you all the flavour you need, why would you add anything to it?


Pistacyl pistachios are large, with an intense green colour reminiscent of nature’s freshness. The absence of any added ingredients means that they have a truly authentic flavour. Not only are our pistachios delicious, they’re also very healthy. Pistachios offer multiple benefits: they have a high percentage of monounsaturated fats and dietary fibre, they are a source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, and they have a very low percentage of sodium.


cultivo de pistachos


Pistachio trees require patience and a great deal of care and attention. From the time of planting, it takes 7-8 years for the trees to start to bear fruit. During this time, we make sure that every tree has all the water it needs and that all its requirements are met to ensure a top-quality final product.

Recogida de pistachos


Pistachios begin to grow in late April and are harvested in late October. By this time, the fruit has grown larger than its shell, causing the shell to break and making it easier to remove for eating. When the nuts are ready, we harvest them with the help of a vibrating umbrella.

Selección de pistachos


At the start of the selection process, the pistachios are still inside their reddish outer shells. We dry them in our special horizontal dryer. Then we remove the shells very carefully and select the best quality nuts.

Now they’re ready for packaging!

Pistachos Pistacyl


Quality, innovation and delicious flavour.

Our extensive experience and research projects have made us experts in cultivating and developing pistachio products. We studied different rootstocks in an attempt to improve our pistachio plantations, researched ways to enhance the quality and yield of our pistachio trees, and implemented horizontal pistachio drying using a biomass furnace. This wide range of research and development activity has produced excellent results. Now we’re ready to share our expertise with you through our consulting service.

A healthy, bite-sized snack.

Drawing on all the knowledge we’ve acquired over the years, we’ll help you to create a plantation, provide suggestions and study plots, visit your premises, and much more.

We’re sure that you’ll benefit from everything we’ve learned! Contact us to find out more.


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